Daily Sketch Dump!!!

Day 222: Was challenged to draw in someone elses Sailor Moon style.
Day 223: HOLY CRAP! Walking into an HEB days before Thanksgiving is a war zone!

Day 224: An Artist Block is nasty
Day 225: My work schedule is a tad Spartan atm.

Day 227: Have yet to see Fanstic Beast and Where to Find Them. But I want too!

Employee Art Show!

“Funfetti Galaxy” Acryl Gouache, Copics
“Space Travel” Acryl Gouache, Copics
“Star Gazer” Acryl Gouache, Copics, For Sale
“Star light” Copics, For Sale
“Galaxy Hair” Acryl Gouache, Copics

Here are some pictures of my art in the Jerry’s Artarama Employee Art Show! If you get a chance come by and seen them for it will be hanging until December! 

So if ya get a chance come by to see my art work and my other coworkers art too!